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Methods of Sale

Methods of Sale

Because every client's needs and objectives are different, Harcourts offers you a variety of ways to market your property - each with it's own advantages.


Exclusive Listing

A Harcourts exclusive listing avoids the frustration of dealing with a number of different companies - streamlining and focusing the sales process. 
A marketing programme is put in place for your property, increasing the exposure to potential buyers through open homes, advertising, signs, and the numerous other marketing opportunities offered by Harcourts, such as Internet and the Bluebook.




Focusing only on genuinely interested, cash-in-hand buyers, the competitive bidding that is the heart of the auction system offers the opportunity for a premium price. (With no hassles with subject-to-sale or subject-to-finance uncertainty either.) Supported by high-profile marketing, a Harcourts auction puts control in your hands. You set the terms, conditions, deadline and reserve price and have the option of accepting offers prior to auction day.




Sale by Tender lets you set the terms, conditions and tender date. You can review each offer and accept or decline them on or before the tender date.



No Price

No price is another method of listing exclusively where the number of buyers is increased because your maximum price is not stated. 
With no fixed price, or fixed sale date, buyers are able to keep an open mind - resulting in premium prices and a great number of favourable offers; without a fixed date though, there is no sense of urgency for the buyer to make a commitment. 
It is also a great way to market your property to receive feedback before settling on a price, rather than overpricing on day one and missing the buyer who is waiting. 
No price can also be a strategy to test the market before going to auction.



Private Sale

As a general rule, private sales of a property result in a home being sold for less than it may have in a competitive market environment. You are restricted in marketing options and often private buyers expect a reduced price to compensate for no fee. Negotiations become difficult without the experience of sales consultants negotiating skills and knowledge of the current market.