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Property Management Services

Finding the right place is just the start. As a Harcourts Tenant have confidence in knowing that your property manager will make your experience in renting a positive one.



Paying the Rent

It is your legal responsibility to pay your rent in advance. Please ensure that your payments reach us on or before the due date. Harcourts Property Management will not physically collect your rent. Rent must be paid by the method stated on your tenancy agreement. If you have any problems with your rent payments please notify your Property Manager at the earliest possible time. If you fall into arrears, we will be obligated to follow the procedures outlined in the Residential Rooming and Accommodation Act.



Inventory / Pre-inspection

An entry condition report (RTA Form 1a) is used to determine the condition of the property at the beginning and end of a tenancy. This Form 1a ensures that you are not held responsible for damage at the expiry of you tenancy which may have been there prior to you occupation.You have 3 days to make any notes regarding the condition of home, then sign and return the document to our office. The document will be filed with your Tenancy Agreement and used as evidence of the property condition at tenancy commencement compared to the condition upon vacating.


Routine Inspections

Inspections will be made at regular intervals (generally every 3-4 months) during your tenancy to advise the condition of the property to the owner. We are required under the guide lines of the Residential Tenancies and rooming Accommodation Act to provide you with 7 days written notice of an upcoming inspection. This letter will specify the date and a 2 hour block period during which the Property Manager must enter your premises to conduct the inspection. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, it is not possible to alter the inspection time. You don’t have to be present, but are most welcome to be there so we can discuss any problems or aspects of your tenancy that require attention. Please note, photos may be taken during the inspection to highlight the condition to the owner. Please ensure any pets you may have are secured.


Tenant Application Form

For ease of application please down load the below application form:

Application & Information Forms

and return to us via email;


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in person to: 

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